Message from the Principal


Well, certainly an awful lot has happened since I arrived at the end of last August. All Principals will moan about what they have to do but have they had to arrange for the removal of a dead cat, or bake a cake for the secretaries, or pretend to be able to floor a Karate black belt in an assembly, or become an expert on the root system of grass for a school field? The pleasure is all mine, and it has been a stimulating, challenging and rewarding few months at Unity. My thanks go to all the staff, students and parents who have put so much effort in, in these last few months.But already we turn towards the next academic year and I am excited about all the plans that we have to continue the School’s progress. This includes the recruitment of many new teachers, improvements in our infrastructure and the continuing raising of achievement through the teaching and learning we provide. It is an exciting time to be here.

As ever, please make an appointment to see me with any queries, issues and ideas that you have.

Thank you.
Mr. Joe

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