Checkpoint , IGCSE , AS – A Level Examination Registration (May – June 2022)

Unity High School

1st February 2022


Checkpoint , IGCSE , AS – A Level Examination Registration (May – June 2022)

The registration for Checkpoint , IGCSE and AS /A level , MAY –  JUNE Series is now open.

Please note that the registration deadline is the 14th of February. Regardless of the Registration Deadline, the School has the right to close the registration whenever it reaches its capacity. Please be advised to register as soon as you receive the registration form.

The working hours are  8:30 – 12:30 , Saturday to Thursday (holidays are Friday and Sunday)  and payment is only accepted through MBOK and  Sales Point Machine.

Requirements :

  1. Five updated photographs.
  2. Copy of passport.
  3. Copy of IGCSE statement of result ( for AS / A level only) .
  4. Complete registration form.


Please be informed that it is compulsory to sit for a Predicted Grade Check to complete your registration in our center, SD007- Unity High School. Whether you are taking IGCSE or AS/A level exams, you are expected to take assessment tests for your registered syllabuses. This shall be helpful to predict your grades which are mandatory for Cambridge. Those assessments shall be online and taking within the window 21st Feb – 20 April. The Predicted Grade Check fees will be charged per subject,   an amount of 3,000 SDG for each selected subject.