Decision about Uniy High School

Date: 11th July 2023

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Staff
  • Workers
  • To whom it may concern

Subject: Unity High School Status at this time of Crisis in Sudan

Reference to the above cited and given the prevailing situation, we thought it is
important that you are informed what can be done in such a circumstance.
There has been a number communication between the Acting Principal and
Director on one hand and the parents and the School Council on the other hand
whereas suggestions were given to be considered at this challenging time in our
beloved country Sudan.

  • Online Lessons
  •  Opening a branch in Port Sudan or in Wad Medani
  •  Relocate the School to a neighboring country like Egypt
  •  Suspend/ close down the school this academic year 2023-2024.
    The School Council members after due consultation, has looked into these
    suggestions seriously and thoughtfully and came out with the following:

Regarding online lessons: the issue of internet and textbooks will be a problem for
many especially for those in the country, the teachers and those who have travelled
abroad may not prefer their children to do online lessons.
Opening a branch in Port Sudan or Wad Medani, this will not be practical in terms
of venue, finances, and especially Expat teachers.
Relocation of Unity out of the country, the members found that this is out of
question for many reasons: approval of the country concern, venue, finance and
The Council members see the only sensible thing is to suspend/close down the
school this academic year 2023-2024, pending of the situation on the ground.


  •  Unity High School is hereby suspended/ closed this academic year 2023-2024
    until further notice.
  • All the teachers, expat and local, staff and workers are released from their
    responsibilities as from 15th July 2023.
  • The administration is hereby authorized and directed to look into the issue
    of dues for all the teachers, staff and workers as the situation permits.

The Most Revd. Ezekiel Kondo

Chairman of the Council


Ustaz: Shawgi Kouri