Newletter: September 2019

Newsletter: September 2019

Welcome to the new school year!

As the new Principal of Unity High School, it is my privilege and pleasure to greet you all at the end of the first week of the new school year.

A very warm welcome to all our returning pupils and staff and also to all new students and staff.
It has been very good to see the pupils back in school this week after such a long break.
We may be starting later than usual, but we are looking forward to a positive, peaceful and successful year.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet a number of parents alreadythrough individual appointments and the beginning of year Primary and Year 7 meetings. I look forward to meeting more of you as the term progresses.

I also would like to express my thanks and appreciation to everyone who has made me feel very welcome in Khartoum and to Unity.

The staff team at Unity High School areall determined to make this a positive and happy year for everyone. We hope that every parent will play their part in supporting their children to do their best too.


At the beginning of this new year, I want to start by congratulate last year’s Year 11 and the A level students for their very successful public examination results in spite of the many disruptions and difficulties of last summer.
Heartfelt congratulations also to the former Year 6 pupils, now Year 7, whose Checkpoint results were the best ever at Unity High School!
A huge ‘well done’ to all the students, their families and their teachers.They have set a challenge to this year’s Year 6 pupils!

A delayed Prize Givingfor 2018 – 2019 will take place on Saturday 5 October. This is the opportunity to celebrate achievements from last year across the whole school with the nominated pupils and their parents. Further information will be sent to the relevant families.

Congratulations also to Mr Michael, who has been appointed as Deputy Head of Secondary (Academic).

This year we have made some small but important changes at Unity:

 There are new Home and School agreements for Primary and Year 7. These set out the commitments for school, parents and students to work together in partnership. We encourage parents to talk to their children about these, so that all children understand the expectations of the school and ways to make the very best of their time in school.
If you are the parent of a Primary or Year7 child and have not returned (or not received) the Home – School Agreement, please contact your child’s teacher.

 To assist in the smooth operation of lessons and reduce the need for pupils to move around the school site, pupils in Years 7 – 9 will now have most of their lessons in their form rooms. At the change of lessons, pupils will line up outside their form room and the teachers will come to the class. The exceptions for this are specialist lessons such as ICT, practical science and PE.

 The Secondary Reward systems have been revised and updated:
Team / House points,may be given by teachers at any time to reward a student’s conduct, attitude, work, taking responsibility, improved learning.
The House points will be recorded for the individual student and also towards her/his House totals.
Exceptional Merit
Commendations may be made for an Exceptional Merit are for exemplary work / conduct / sustained improvement in attitude and/or learning that are above and beyond that which could be reasonably expected.
Nominated students will receive their certificate on Thursday afternoons from Mrs Fiona.
Primary Section will continue to award team / House points to individual pupils and also to nominate a ‘Star of the Week’ from each class. The ‘Star of the Week’ receives a certificate to take home and their photograph is displayed in school, outside the Primary Office.

 We have a new school canteen facility. It will open at first break, second break and after school from 2.00pm – 2.30pm. If your child brings food from home we encourage healthy eating, so sweets should not be brought. Fizzy drinks are also not allowed.

 We are improving the security of the school site. This is for the pupils’ safety and so we hope you will support us in this and understand that it may mean a change some previous ways of operating. One of the key points in this is that the main school gates will be closed at the end of school day. The road outside school is very busy and we want to ensure that no pupil is able to go out onto the street unsupervised. Bus and other drivers will continue to use the other gates. Parents may enter via the Reception office. The new procedures will begin from Monday 23 September 2019.

 We are beginning to update the school website. It will take some time and will not all happen at once.
One of the things we want to refresh is our gallery of photographs of school events, so during the term we will be taking photos at special events.
If you do not wish your child(ren) to be photographed, please inform the school office in writing as soon as possible.

This School Year

Last, but certainly not least, the school calendar has been revised and holidays reduced so that the pupils will still receive their full entitlement for school days this year. Some parents, understandably, have expressed concerns about the late start to the year and the time missed. This was entirely out of our hands, but we are ensuring that the children will still receive their full number of teaching days.

Please see attached the latest School Calendar for 2019 – 2020 Semester 1. Once we have the dates for Checkpoints and the external examinations, we will publish the calendar for Semester 2.
We sincerely hope there will be no further changes, but if we need to do so, please bear with us.

Important Reminders

At the beginning of the new school year may I remind parents that every pupil should come to school every day on time, in correct school uniform and ready to do their best.
These are the sure foundations of learning for life.

• School begins at 7.40 a.m. and ends for pupils at 2.00 p.m.(unless parents are specifically notified otherwise).

• All Early Years and Key Stage 1 pupils must be collected from their classroom promptly.

• All pupils must be in correct school uniform.
For Secondary: black shoes with socks and black or navy blue trousers or skirt and white shirt with theschool logo.
For KS2Boys: white shirt and black trousers, black shoes with socks
Girls: navy blue skirt / trousers and pale blue shirt,black shoes with socks
For KS1Girls: red check shirt + grey skirt/trousers,black shoes with socks
Boys: grey trousers + blue check shirt, black shoes with socks
NurseryGirls: red gingham check dress
Boys: pale blue polo shirt and grey shorts/trousers
Pre school Girls: blue gingham check dress
Boys:pale blue polo shirt and grey shorts/trousers

• The only jewelryallowed isa wristwatch, 1 pair of small stud earrings and a necklace of a religious nature, which must be tucked inside the shirt.

• Pupils MUST NOT leave school premises once they have arrived until they leave to go home with their parent,driver or on the school bus.

• No pupil is allowed to go to the shop or to wait outside school for friends or family or a driver.
This is so that we can do our best to keep all pupils safe. If a pupil leaves the school grounds they are no longer under our supervision and we cannot keep them safe.

• All pupils must be collected promptly at the end of the school day. This week we have had a lot of young children waiting for more than 40 minutes after the end of school. This is unfair on the children who are tired and need to be at home to rest after a busy school day.

• If you have any concerns about your child(ren) or need to tell us about any changes such as medical issues, please make an appointment to see the class teacher / form tutor.
If you arrive in school without an appointment the teacher will not be able to see you.

O behalf of the staff of Unity, I look forward to seeing you at some of the special events planned for this semester and to our continued working in partnership for the benefit of your children.

Mrs Fiona

Mrs F Beevers BEd (Hons) MA